Bomba, the Jungle Boy Among the Slaves (ebook)(audiobook)(audiobook)Książka w języku angielskim

Roy Rockwood
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Years of tough jungle living made Bomba the most powerful hunter around. At 14, he possessed the strength of three men, and could fight the most powerful jungle beasts with little more than a knife. With his extraordinary throwing arm, he could bury a knife up to its hilt in any enemy within fifty yards. His phenomenally strong arms allow him to send an arrow over impossibly long distances while still striking his targets with perfect accuracy. Bomba the Jungle Boy Among The Slaves continues the exciting adventures of Bomba as he seeks to learn the details of his family and heritage. Tarzan wasnt the only fellow out there in the jungle. Bomba the Jungle Boy attracted readers for his various adventures that featured authentic jungle lore and swift-moving plots.

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