Bettys Happy Year (ebook)(audiobook)(audiobook)Książka w języku angielskim

Carolyn Wells
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What a gorgeous day for a sleigh-ride! Did you ever see such sunny, twinkling snow, and such crisp, crackly air? It fairly snaps off as you breathe it! Betty McGuire stood on the steps of the veranda as she spoke. Her mother, in the doorway, was smiling down at her, and her pony, Dixie, was jingling his bells and pawing at the snow and ice in the driveway below. It was the first trial of the pretty new cutter, and the joyous excitement of the occasion made Bettys cheeks as red as her scarlet tam-o-shanter cap, or her red cloth coat with its high fur collar. Betty drew on her driving-gloves, still talking to her mother. Isnt it a darling sleigh, Mother? Did you ever see such a pretty one? And Dixie is so proud of it. Its a beauty, Betty. I know youll enjoy it. Are you taking Tilly for a ride? Bettys Happy Year is a thrilling tale for younger ladies by Carolyn Wells, written in 1910.

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