Bealby. A Holiday (ebook)(audiobook)(audiobook)Książka w języku angielskim

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A charming tale of a young recalcitrant boys wanderings through England. Full of humour. It is a light tale, and one of Wells that holds up the best. Though young Bealby is determined to rise above his mothers servant status, no amount of struggle helps him to prevail. He reluctantly leaves his home for Shonts, a big country house, to work as a stewards boy. But a fateful weekend visit by distinguished personages, including the strange yet captivating Lord Chancellor, may give Bealby the opportunity to change his fate in this social comedy. What follows is an adventure that Bealby will not soon forget. First published in 1915 Bealby was originally entitled Bealby a Holiday.

0 Herbert George Wells


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