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Contents IN MEMORIAM Bartłomiej Krzan: Professor Jan Kolasa (1926-2016), doi: 10.7420/pyil2016a, pp. 11-18; GENERAL ARTICLES Roman Kwiecień: The "Nicaragua" Judgement and the Use of Force 30 Years Later, doi: 10.7420/pyil2016b, pp. 21-36; Michał Kowalski: Original Sin Reaffirmed: The Nicaragua Judgements Impact on the Notion of Armed Attack as the Most Grave Form of the Use of Force, doi: 10.7420/pyil2016c, pp. 37-50; François Finck: The State between Fact and Law: The Role of Recognition and the Conditions under which It Is Granted in the Creation of New States, doi: 10.7420/pyil2016d, pp. 51-81; Wojciech Burek: Family Reunification Regulations and Women: The Perspective of International Law, doi: 10.7420/pyil2016e, pp. 83-108; Athanasios Yupsanis: Cultural Autonomy for Minorities in the Baltic States, Ukraine, and the Russian Federation: A Dead Letter, doi: 10.7420/pyil2016f, pp. 109-135; Anna Karapetyan: A Recurring Phenomenon: The Lawful Sanctions Clause in the Definition of Torture and the Question of Judicial Corporal Punishment under International Human Rights Law, doi: 10.7420/pyil2016g, pp. 137-161; Aleksandra Rychlewska: The Nullum Crimen Sine Lege Principle in the European Convention of Human Rights: The Actual Scope of Guarantees; doi: 10.7420/pyil2016h, pp. 163-186. CONTENTS Petra Bárd: Scrutiny over the Rule of Law in the European Union, doi: 10.7420/pyil2016i, pp. 187-208; Joanna Ryszka: Social Dumping and Letterbox Companies Interdependent or Mutually Exclusive Concepts in European Union Law?, doi: 10.7420/pyil2016j, pp. 209-229; Dominik Horodyski, Maria Kierska: Enforcement of Emergency Arbitrators Decisions under Polish Law, doi: 10.7420/pyil2016k, pp. 230-244. POLISH PRACTICE IN INTERNATIONAL LAW Dorota Pyć: Compliance and Enforcement of Maritime Labour Conditions The Polish Legal Perspective, doi: 10.7420/pyil2016l, pp. 247-255; Grzegorz Wierczyński: The Polish Practice Regarding the Promulgation of International Agreements between 1945 and 2017, doi: 10.7420/pyil2016m, pp. 258-266; Agata Kleczkowska: Judgement of the Supreme Court, dated 17 February 2016 (Ref. no. WA 16/15), doi: 10.7420/pyil2016n, pp. 267-276. BOOK REVIEWS Kaja Kowalczewska: William H. Boothby, Weapons Law and The Law of Armed Conflict, doi: 10.7420/pyil2016o, pp. 279-282; Bartłomiej Krzan: M. Ruffert, C. Walter, Institutionalised International Law, doi: 10.7420/pyil2016p, pp. 283-286; Roman Kwiecień: Robert Kolb, Peremptory International Law Jus Cogens, doi: 10.7420/pyil2016q, pp. 287-290; Marcin Menkes: Eugene Kontorovich, Francesco Parisi (eds.), Economic Analysis of International Law, doi: 10.7420/pyil2016r, pp. 291-294; Marcin Menkes: Marc-William Palen, The Conspiracy of Free Trade, doi: 10.7420/pyil2016s, pp. 295-298. LIST OF REVIEWERS (vol . 36/2016), pp. 299-300.
0 Władysław Czapliński, Grzegorz Wierczyński, Dorota Pyć, Michał Kowalski, Marcin Menkes, Bartłomiej Krzan, Roman Kwiecień, Joanna Ryszka, Kaja Kowalczewska, Agata Kleczkowska, François Finck, Wojciech Burek, Athanasios Yupsanis, Anna Karapetyan, Aleksandra Rychlewska, Petra Bárd, Dominik Horodyski, Maria Kierska


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