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Michael McLafferty - ebooki

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Michael McLafferty has been researching on cyber security and applied ethical hacking for over 6 years. His interest in cyber security started in 2010. At the time, he was creating search engine optimization scripts for various small businesses. His clients would also ask him to secure their websites, which led him to find his passion in cyber security instead of search engine optimization. In 2012, he became a private cyber security consultant for both individuals and small businesses. He would provide network and endpoint security advice as well as social engineering awareness training to employees and individuals. He is also a paid cyber security researcher, sponsored by local businesses to further the advancement of cyber security methods and applied knowledge. He is the co-founder of an open society of ethical hackers that meets weekly to discuss and apply new cyber security skills. They have full access to both a lab and cutting-edge ethical hacking equipment, to develop new methods in offensive security. He is also an inventor. He and his business partner have patents pending on various cyber security tools and software. They continue with their research with great passion and drive. He is committed to reshaping and setting new standards in the world of cyber security. With the level of collaboration from his colleagues, he firmly believes that they can achieve this.

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