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Dream Music was formed in 2005 by real music lovers and industry fellows Margaret Bialkowska and Piotr Mackowiak who met while both working at Sony Music Poland (they left the company just after they finished the merger of Sony Music and BMG). The key idea is simply to release and publish great and timeless music and books. Our real ambition is to create a highly respected record label and music and book publishing company with a diverse high quality music and book roster! We’re never not concerned by genre but only quality! As the music, we aim to support and help effectively our artists and the international labels and publishers we represent within Polish territory. Naïve (Carla Bruni, Pink Martini, Benjamin Biolay, ASA), Dreyfus Music (Jean Michel Jarre, Marcus Miller), Melody Maker (Sebastien Tellier), Membran (Joss Stone, Dave Stewat), Café Del Mar (Café Del Mar series, Gary B), Telarc (Esperanza Spalding) are one of these labels which inspired us with their new songs and sounds everyday and we push their music into the Polish audience; we want the music we believe in to be heard by as many people as possible, here! We are simply primarily focused on the music and books we love and we want the artists, their labels and the writers and their publishers we represent to be successful in Poland. We are proud of the quality of the music and book roster we have built on Dream Music so far. Why Dream Music? Well… it’s always hard real dreams come true; while the music and the books are our passion, the answer is simple!

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