Tableau 10 Complete Reference

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Tableau 10 Complete Reference Joshua N. Milligan, Tristan Guillevin - okładka książki

Tableau 10 Complete Reference Joshua N. Milligan, Tristan Guillevin - okładka książki

Tableau 10 Complete Reference Joshua N. Milligan, Tristan Guillevin - okładka audiobooka MP3

Tableau 10 Complete Reference Joshua N. Milligan, Tristan Guillevin - okładka audiobooks CD

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Explore and understand data with the powerful data visualization techniques of Tableau, and then communicate insights in powerful ways

Key Features

  • Apply best practices in data visualization and chart types exploration
  • Explore the latest version of Tableau Desktop with hands-on examples
  • Understand the fundamentals of Tableau storytelling

Book Description

Graphical presentation of data enables us to easily understand complex data sets. Tableau 10 Complete Reference provides easy-to-follow recipes with several use cases and real-world business scenarios to get you up and running with Tableau 10.

This Learning Path begins with the history of data visualization and its importance in today's businesses. You'll also be introduced to Tableau - how to connect, clean, and analyze data in this visual analytics software. Then, you'll learn how to apply what you've learned by creating some simple calculations in Tableau and using Table Calculations to help drive greater analysis from your data. Next, you'll explore different advanced chart types in Tableau. These chart types require you to have some understanding of the Tableau interface and understand basic calculations. You'll study in detail all dashboard techniques and best practices. A number of recipes specifically for geospatial visualization, analytics, and data preparation are also covered. Last but not least, you'll learn about the power of storytelling through the creation of interactive dashboards in Tableau.

Through this Learning Path, you will gain confidence and competence to analyze and communicate data and insights more efficiently and effectively by creating compelling interactive charts, dashboards, and stories in Tableau.

This Learning Path includes content from the following Packt products:

  • Learning Tableau 10 - Second Edition by Joshua N. Milligan
  • Getting Started with Tableau 2018.x by Tristan Guillevin

What you will learn

  • Build effective visualizations, dashboards, and story points
  • Build basic to more advanced charts with step-by-step recipes
  • Become familiar row-level, aggregate, and table calculations
  • Dig deep into data with clustering and distribution models
  • Prepare and transform data for analysis
  • Leverage Tableau's mapping capabilities to visualize data
  • Use data storytelling techniques to aid decision making strategy

Who this book is for

Tableau 10 Complete Reference is designed for anyone who wants to understand their data better and represent it in an effective manner. It is also used for BI professionals and data analysts who want to do better at their jobs.

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