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React Cookbook Carlos Santana Roldán - okładka książki

React Cookbook Carlos Santana Roldán - okładka książki

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React.js is Facebook's dynamic frontend web development framework. It helps you build efficient, high-performing web applications with an intuitive user interface.

With more than 66 practical and self-contained tutorials, this book examines common pain points and best practices for building web applications with React. Each recipe addresses a specific problem and offers a proven solution with insights into how it works, so that you can modify the code and configuration files to suit your requirements.

The React Cookbook starts with recipes for installing and setting up the React.js environment with the Create React Apps tool. You'll understand how to build web components, forms, animations, and handle events. You'll then delve into Redux for state management and build amazing UI designs. With the help of practical solutions, this book will guide you in testing, debugging, and scaling your web applications, and get to grips with web technologies like WebPack, Node, and Firebase to develop web APIs and implement SSR capabilities in your apps. Before you wrap up, the recipes on React Native and React VR will assist you in exploring mobile development with React.

By the end of the book, you will have become familiar with all the essential tools and best practices required to build efficient solutions on the web with React.

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1 Carlos Santana Roldán

Carlos Santana Roldán od kilkunastu lat projektuje aplikacje internetowe, obecnie pracuje jako główny inżynier oprogramowania w firmie Snapchat. Jest twórcą serwisu http://js.education/, na którym publikuje materiały do nauki nowoczesnych technologii internetowych, takich jak React, Node.js, JavaScript i TypeScript.


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