Getting Started with Tableau 2018.x

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Getting Started with Tableau 2018.x Tristan Guillevin - okładka książki

Getting Started with Tableau 2018.x Tristan Guillevin - okładka książki

Getting Started with Tableau 2018.x Tristan Guillevin - okładka audiobooka MP3

Getting Started with Tableau 2018.x Tristan Guillevin - okładka audiobooks CD

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Leverage the power of Tableau to get actionable business insights and make better business decisions

Key Features

  • Explore all the new features of Tableau 2018.x
  • Begin your Tableau journey by understanding its core functionalities
  • Apply advanced techniques such as data blending and parameters to make the best of Tableau

Book Description

Tableau is one of the leading business intelligence tools used worldwide, in organizations of every scale. In its latest release, Tableau 2018 promises richer and more useful features related to visual analytics, reporting, dashboarding, and a host of other data visualization aspects. Getting Started with Tableau 2018.x will get you up and running with these features.

The book starts with all the new functionalities of the different Tableau 2018 versions, along with concrete examples of how to use them. However, if you're new to Tableau, don't worry! The rest of the book will guide you through each major aspect of Tableau with examples. You'll learn how to connect to data, build a data source, visualize your data, build a dashboard, and share it online. In the final chapters, you'll also learn advanced techniques such as creating a cross-database join, data blending, and more.

By the end of the book, you will have a firm understanding of how to effectively use Tableau to create quick, cost-effective, and business-efficient business intelligence solutions.

What you will learn

  • Discover new functionalities such as density, extensions, and transparency introduced in Tableau 2018.x
  • Connect tables and make transformations such as pivoting the field and splitting columns
  • Build an efficient data source for your analysis
  • Design insightful data visualization using different mark types and properties
  • Build powerful dashboards and stories
  • Share your work and interact with Tableau Server
  • Use Tableau to explore your data and find new insights
  • Explore Tableau's advanced features and gear up for upcoming challenges

Who this book is for

If you're a beginner or an existing BI professional looking to get the most out of Tableau 2018's latest features, this book is for you. You'll also find this book useful if you're an aspiring analyst who wants to learn the capabilities of Tableau to answer business-specific questions. No prior knowledge or experience with Tableau or any other Business Intelligence tool is necessary.

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