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Helion -- The leading publisher of computer books in Poland

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General Information
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HELION was created in 1991. Thanks to the efforts of a team -- consisting of authors, translators, editors, and employees in the sales department and many others -- we have achieved the position of a leader among publishers of computer science literature. Our books are eagerly bought both by people professionally connected with computer science and by beginning users of computers. Perfect style and use of the Polish language as well as care for the merits of our books have particularly caught the attention of students, who consider them accessible computer science manuals. Our books also gain excellent press reviews.

We promote Polish authorities, experienced computer specialists and also talented beginning authors. We publish translations of the best positions appearing on foreign markets. The effect of international cooperation are translations of books of renowned publishers (Addison Wesley - Longman, Adobe Press, Coriolis, Hungry Minds, IDG, Macromedia Press, New Riders, O'Reilly, Peachpit Press, QUE, SAMS, Sybex, Wiley, Wrox and others). Books written by recognized authors both in the world and in Poland, e.g. Piotr Metzger, Andrzej Pikoń, Tomasz M. Sadowski, Bartosz Danowski, Kevin Mitnick, Elizabeth Castro, Laura Lemay, Xavier Pacheco, guarantee the highest level of conveyed information.

Distribution of our books is done through bookshops, commercial networks and our own Internet book shop. As the first in a group of Polish publishers we have made it possible for readers to pay for books by credit card through the Internet.

Positions offered by HELION Press are used by all computer users regardless of their degree of knowledge, which is possible thanks to the clear division of our publications into publishing series. Beginning with the series "Po prostu" -- addressed to beginners and ending with the series "Vademecum Profesjonalisty" for the most demanding customers, The Press satisfies the needs of a whole circle of people having contact with the computer keyboard.

HELION Press, present in the largest and most important Polish Internet portals, provides its clients with quick access to information on publishing news.

We are a firm proud of our participation in creating Polish Infostrad, ready to receive all quickly appearing changes on the computer science market.

Helion -- Get to know the world of computer science!